FGCEUK Alumni - Our Vision

  • To connect and strengthen relationships with all FGCE ex-students residing in the UK and Europe.

  • To facilitate and encourage members to contribute towards raising funding for projects undertaken for the improvement of the school

  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active role and interest in what is presently going on in the school.

  • To award Scholarship funds/prizes for deserving students and teachers.

  • To create a forum for ex-students to exchange views, experiences and ideas and share it with the present students of the school.

  • To organize programs for the entertainment and enjoyment of the members.

FGCEUK Alumni - Our Principles

  1. We will be ferociously paranoid in protecting our reputation and what we represent.

  2. We will be fanatically positive about enhancing our Alumni and giving back to our school

  3. We will be fastidiously proactive when dealing with tasks concerninig the Alumni

FGCE - Our History

In 1972, Federal Government Colleges were built on the idea of bringing different ethnic  groups together (Unity schools), each school was meant to be located in each of the twelve states capitals.


FGC Enugu began on the 19th of January, 1973 at a temporary site (The Baptist Girls Secondary School in New Haven, Enugu) before moving to the permanent site in Independence Layout in 1975. With the student’s population at 150 and teachers at 15, the number of students increased yearly and as a result more classes were created which led to the employment of staff academic and non- academic. 

The school has been run by 12 principals and at present the population of students stand at 2000 with the introduction of the new policy on education which allows unity schools to run only post basic courses (S S S). Academic and non-academic staff is well over 200 in number.  


Principals to date


Mr M.O.Iman



Mr T. A Fasuyi

1975 - 1976


Mr J. O. Abolade

1976 - 1980


Late Sir ICJ Adigwe

1980 - 1989


Mr S.N Abia



Mr Silas Nnamonu

1995 -2000


Dr S.N. Akpam

2001 -2002


Dr Okugo

2002 -2003


Dr (Mrs) Ogu

2003 -2005


Mrs Okpomo

2005 -2008


Mr M. O Essan

2008 -2012


Mrs Onwughalu

2012 -Present

FGCE - College Anthem

F.G.C.E We hail thee
Love and Trust in thee we have
From all corners we come to thee
Greater tomorrow will it be

Many Potentials we have
We grow to serve the nation
Boys and girls in unity serve
For freedom through education

Guide, O Lord, our noble cause
Our teachers, the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
Pro-Unitate F.G.C.E